What could it be?

Up early this morning, I heard what I thought was a cow mooing nearby.  Very nearby. Intrigued, I yanked on a pair of jeans over my jammies, hopped in the car and went to have a look in the direction of the moos.  What I found?  Deer.   Now, I DO live in the country, but I have not yet seen any cows within a couple of miles of here. To the north: 10 foot tall corn field. To the south: a river and a highway.  To the west and east: houses.

Possible Conclusions:

  1. Deer practicing cow imitation for the upcoming hunting season
brown deer
Photo by Jim Fawns on Pexels.com


2. There’s a cow hiding around here.

trees against sky
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com