Feeling Blessed Today

Maybe it’s silly to mention such a banal thing, or maybe my awareness of this gift has bloomed into gratitude. Either way, I wish to make note of the pleasant evening experience I just had.

For thirty minutes, I sat outside on a chaise playing solitaire on my iPad, while the sun slowly sank below the horizon. Often have I imagined enjoying this tiny place of tranquility, with a cup of coffee and a NYT crossword puzzle. One cricket serenaded me, close enough to read my mind and know exactly the one-note song I longed to hear.  Simultaneously, one mosquito buzzed around to dive bomb and nibble my skin with her 47 teeth.

Rarely do I sit outside. Why? The only explanation must be that I enjoy fair summer weather and am pest-averse. The heat and humidity caused by what feels like constant rain, were so oppressive (to me, anyway) that I have just preferred to stay inside the house.  In here, I have some level of environmental control.  However, the evening was beautiful, the patio an enchanting garden of seclusion, the breeze light and the sun waning.  There are purple cone flower mixed with a patch black-eyed Susans, overlooked by one tall sunflower– as if a teacher stood before her classroom. There are dragonflies and butterflies, Japanese beetles and myriad birds coming and going. Chipmunks skitter around and one wily squirrel, looking for tidbits dropped from the bird feeder. It’s a little “home-paradise”, which is available to me 24/7, just outside my back door. A meditation place.  I am so blessed to be here.

yellow daisy flowers in bloom
Photo by Brandon Montrone on Pexels.com


Author: karenbesser

Tell you later.

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