Thanks for a Great (aka “ordinary”) Day!

I recently read through an old journal and came to the conclusion that one really must take the requisite time to record the good days as well as the days that leave you feeling like you were whipped and sent to bed hungry while muttering, “Who needs a drink”?

It’s the elements of a good day that can be a little elusive to write about. It’s easy to spew the details of what got your goat, made you shake your fist or just plain pissed you off. Sometimes events can sour your waking hours and leave you with a bad taste in your mouth which then pours out your pen.

Today was one of those rare “Good Days” when everything works properly. Your “To-Do List” magically becomes a “Ta-Da! List”. There’s no traffic problems, no technical hurdles and your passwords actually work. No visits to the ER or funeral home. The whole family gets home safely without hitting a any wildlife and there are no flat tires with which to contend. The drains aren’t clogged, the roof’s not leaking, no appliances on the fritz. In other words, banging on all cylinders as soon as you start your engine. Now, I know that it shows a certain lack of intestinal fortitude to allow such inconveniences to ruin ones day. However, that list (plus several many other things) has all occurred to us in the last 6 months. The number of days in the last half a year that HASN’T had an unusual event could be counted on 2 hands. Do the math. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Yep. That’s a lot of curve balls coming over the plate, a lot of swinging and missing. A lot of “get up tomorrow and try again & pray for a normal day”.

Okay, somehow, I managed to turn a counting of blessings into a sad song.

Let’s start again…with the counting, that is.

Solutions aplenty:

  • Knocked off two stops from my route plan by finding all items at Menards AND… Got a lead on where to order a custom-cut steel sign for our driveway!
  • When asked for reassurance, I came up with some.
  • Attended a talk intended to help folks like me: “Parenting Your Parents”. 
  • Collected names of others with whom I can start a local support group
  • Expanded my cranial map of our new home territory
  • Enjoyed some wall art at St. Olaf College, as well as some crazy clouds
  • Watched a crowd-sourced documentary called “Dear Mr. Watterson” (He was the creator of Calvin & Hobbes, the most delightful comic strip of all time)

So there. I wish You an “ordinary day”!  (They are highly under-rated).  kb.xo


Author: karenbesser

Tell you later.

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