It’s all part of the plan

So, what’s new with you? In my case, a little recreation!

Golf and kayaking = Attitude Adjustment. Note to Self: More of that please!

Lately, the recycling bin has been filling with boxes at an alarming pace. New things. Let’s call them “moving expenses”. Technically true, with a bit of leeway. Lawn and Garden tools: A rolling stool caddy, parts to repair the lawn tractor. Coping tools: Two air conditioners, two floor fans AND two ceiling fans, plus one large de-humidifer. It’s damn hot and humid here in the Northland – where it is supposed to be COOL. Global warming seems to be here already. Thought we’d have more time to get ready. Retirement tools: Golf bag cart, golf shoes. “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”, which means I’ll need time to work on my game between now and…whenever that retirement date arrives. Gotta have a respectable swing, right?

Today we were nudged out of our comfort zone, which is Sunday breakfast at The Tavern in Northfield. It closed last week due to significant smoke and water damage from a fire in the restaurant on the floor above. That meant we had to forage elsewhere. The Armory offered us a French menu in honor of Bastille Day. The outdoor ambiance was great, the food was good, if not filling. The best part of this find was meeting some potential new friends! Charles & Diana. No excuses to forget those names! We talked history, music, and small town living. It was very enjoyable. The upside? I don’t feel quite so isolated anymore.

The moral to the story: It takes time and an open heart (let’s not forget guts) to re-settle in a new place, especially when it’s nothing like your old place. This has been my latest lesson. It’s something we have in common with immigrants. And really, aren’t MOST of us the product of immigrants? Shouldn’t the latest ones be allowed the same welcome and opportunity that was accorded OUR forebears?

Exclusion is NOT what America is all about. “Welcome! Come in! Make yourself at home. Tell us a story about yourself and where you come from. Teach us something we don’t know”. That’s the America of which I am a citizen. Let us NOT become a nation who’s forgotten basic hospitality.

Author: karenbesser

Tell you later.

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