Lessons from Nerstrand Big Woods

  1. When you find yourself lost on the trail, let your dog lead. (Your ego certainly isn’t going to find a way back to the car)
  2. Always bring a wad of paper towels.  Useful in the extreme.
  3. If the first restroom you encounter is locked, before you embark on your hike, find one that ISN’T.
  4. As mentioned in a previous post: polyester = JUST NOnerstrand-stone-bridge.  Especially for hiking.
  5. Carry a compass & 2 flashlights.
  6. Wear hiking boots.  They are aptly named.
  7. Mosquitoes.  You can’t join ’em, so you’ll have to find a way to beat them.
  8. Hat.  Wear a hat.  Just do.
  9. Walking sticks are useful.
  10. Have water ready in the car.

10a.  When you arrive home, let your dog lead.  He will nap. You should too.

Author: karenbesser

Tell you later.

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