Blink once if you’re exhausted too

A short break to put down what’s been going on.  Because I will definitely forget.

But first, Who needs coffee?

“Maelstrom” would be the best way to describe it.  Between Matt’s crazy work schedule of day and overnight shifts lasting 12-17 hours, and prepping our house for listing, we haven’t had much sleep for 3 weeks. Last Saturday, while Matt re-assembled the trailer, I sent out an Email blast to family and friends in hopes of getting some help with our first punch list. To our grateful amazement, 5 people showed within hours. Lots of yard work got done and lots of clutter got moved to storage. Sunday, “The Builders” arrived and made shutters. During the week, a parade of contractors came through. Shutters & fascia were painted, basement floor imperfections were corrected, deep clean completed. Realtor came through Friday to assess our progress and make some suggestions. We fell short of listing it yesterday, so we now have 4 more work days to complete the new punch list. Today’s big improvement: hang the shutters. We’ve planned to do it for 7 years. Now at last, we’ll get to see how they look. Even though we won’t live here to enjoy the result, it’s so exciting. The rest of the list is more utilitarian and not worth mentioning, other than that many hours will be devoted to doing the work.  We are both in a slow-moving, but still-moving daze.