Theme for Year 2018: Big Changes

Well, here We GO!  Date: August 14th, 2018, Tuesday 6:30pm.  Roughly 24 hours ago, we hadn’t yet agreed that we were going to take the plunge. This morning we made an offer for the Kenyon house, and remarkably, it was accepted!  That seems like days ago to me now. This afternoon the listing agent came by our house to get a look at his assignment and left with homework for tomorrow. The next pertinent question is: what City restrictions there are for sub-division? Personally, I’d love to have a developer write us a check “as-is” with the intention of making two lots, selling the one with this house to KC and building on the south lot.  That could be a good way for her to afford this house that she loves and hopefully fetch us more than the minimum required to make it feasible, and finally, netting a nice profit for the developer. While I am fully aware that it’s asking a LOT of the universe, why not ask anyway? Even if only some of it happens, at least the possibility is considered.  Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow, we go to work to make this thing happen. I am confident that it will all work out yet nervous about being confident. Ever since we made the first walk-through I have been sure in my gut, bones and heart, and yet, I have also been suspicious of my instincts since the two great betrayals of 2016. That’s another story, not worth dredging up here, but does effect my perspective.

The whole thing about moving unexpectedly is both exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure.  Rooting for the best possible outcome for us and for all involved.   I’ll do my bit, but CALLING ALL ANGELS, it’s time to ring a bell.

Cheers to whatever comes next!  kb.xo

bokeh shot of white and gold ceramic angel
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