Pandora’s box is open

…and the train is leaving the station.  I have found my house.  All that’s left to do is make it official on paper and exchange money. I jest. There’s a mountain of work and I’ll be putting on my overalls & Doc Martins, rolling up my sleeves and kicking’ some ass for the next 30-45 days. I’m riding high on adrenaline and coffee, getting very little sleep, dealing with various family members personal crises and alerting all around me that, “This is happening. Excuse me while I duck out of sight to re-arrange our lives. Don’t wait up. I’ll be back. Leave the light on”.

I have already designated a purpose for each room, pre-selected which of our furniture will come along and the arrangement for each room. Guess I need to hire a realtor.

Kenyon, Minnesota…here we come!  Batton down the hatches.    kb.xo