Off the rails or grabbing the reins?

I choose to believe it’s the latter. If 3 lefts make a right, then this could be the third left to get us back on course.  A little back story: in the year 2000, we made a critical financial mistake that snowballed us into a deep hole of debt from which we’ve never recovered.  My gut is screaming to me “Cash out the equity in our current home, resolve the outstanding debt and buy the home you plan to retire in now, while you’re still young enough to sink some roots.  We’ll both feel a lot better about our future while throwing off the shackles with which we are so burdened.

I have successfully managed to alert the entire block to our intentions. Now it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get aggressive about making it all come to fruition. Matt may be right about investing some money into a quick beautification project. To that end, I plan to ask our next door neighbor if he’d like to be our general contractor to lead the charge and hammer a grand slam for us over the next 30 days.  I could do a walk about with him to set a punch list and set him loose to make the arrangements. He is a go-getter with many skills and resources.  Ideally, a $20,000 dunk would net us a funds to pay him for the effort + a sweet pay back with which to make some debt disappear and ultimately sink into my Kenyon dream house. Ultimate goal:  reduce our mortgage payments to the point of allowing us to pay it off in under 10 years. That sounds like the best plan I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Let’s do this! That is, after I get some much needed some sleep.  I’m a walking adrenaline zombie.

Side note: had a 100% full day with plans to eat, flop, watch and hit the hay by 10pm. Instead, the evening was spent with my folks in the ER after Dad fell and injured his right foot.  Nothing  more serious than a sprained toe, stitches in the web between his first & second toe and a slightly twisted knee.  He claimed to have no pain, so they patched him up and sent him home at 3:30 am.  Haven’t slept a wink since crawling into bed at 4.  It’s all about The House for me now.  Repeat of 1998.

Initial Checklist:

  • Choose realtor
  • Submit offer + earnest money
  • Hire a general contractor (Abe?)
  • Install roof vents & replace fascia
  • Clean gutters & sweep roof
  • Install trim as needed inside & out
  • Paint 3 structures
  • Install shutters & flower boxes
  • Landscaper: clean out gardens, plant around house perimeter
  • Rebuild ramp to shed
  • Tree trimming
  • Rent storage locker
  • Weed out, store or sell
  • Garage sale, OfferUp, craigslist

Target date for move:  November 1st


On your marks…Get set…..GO!   kb.xo