Progress is slow

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks.  Chauffeuring, grad party, doctors and surgeries and clinics, oh my.  Now it’s Friday afternoon, it’s 97 degrees and muggy outside and I’m hunkered in my craft room with the window AC until the temperature comes down 20 degrees.  Then, and ONLY then, will I venture outside again.  To keep me occupied are some delicious projects:

  • sweater needing 2 sleeves and a blocking
  • new raincoat with too-long-and-floppy sleeves
  • photo albums in progress
  • Ombre fabric baby quilt
  • ever more re-arranging my room

To the casual observer, it may seem that I am all play and no work.  Let me assure you, FAR from it.   Yesterday I finished washing & ironing an entire large laundry basket full of clothes to donate to Goodwill.  To that basket I added some old unused tech. Delivered the whole kit & caboodle after my second clinic visit of the day.  Freeing up space.  That has become my underlying primary goal with any time I have remaining after seeing to the needs of my folks.  Mom now has one less cataract and is surprised at the difference in the colors she sees.  Just wait until the remaining one has been removed!  I am excited for her.  Dad has been approved for Medical Assistance and Elder Waiver.  That will stop the financial bleeding.  There are other loose ends to deal with, but they will wait until Monday.  I’ve had enough for the week.    My best friend now has a new mobility van too!  We went to Albertville to collect it this afternoon.  How she managed to go a month without a vehicle is testament to her resilience.  I am considering piggy-backing on their road trip to Denver in August, which is almost literally what it would be, because I’d be riding in the last seat of that new van – oof.   KB. + backseat = carsick.

Maybe I could drive or try some Dramamine.  I’ve never been to Denver.  Kinda like to see it.   Possibilities to ponder.