Is this pathetic?

img_3334…besides being gross, that is.

Picture this:

7 am, early enough to beat the heat that’s coming in a couple of hours.  Walking the dog, enjoying the morning, catching up on “Curiosity” podcast episodes.  Oops, I’ll just rewind that part.  So I stop at the curb, dig in my pocket for my phone and as I’m distracted, Leroy spots what remains of a decayed rabbit carcass and it’s IN REACH of the leash!  To a dog, this must be glorious.  Now, this thing is desiccated down to bones and fur at this point.  It’s been in the street for a couple of weeks.  There’s another one IN MY YARD!   Someone threw it there because previously, it had been lying dead in the rabbit crosswalk for a few days and then one day, I almost ran over it with the mower.   (Thanks neighbor.  Are you also the asshole who dumped a broken lawn mower on the same curb on Monday? WTH?!?!)

Back to my tale.  Taking a step to continue our walk, I realize that Leroy is intent with something.  That’s when I spot it.  Rabbit fur hanging from both sides of his mouth.  ISH!!!!!  I try the command: “Drop it”!  He’s become deaf to verbal commands.  Next I tried offering him cheese – it’s his favorite treat and luckily, I brought some.  Nooope.  I tried grabbing it and the tug-of-war is on.  Little bits of fur – OH.MY.GOD….DID I WASH MY HANDS YET?!!!!!!!!?  Hold please.

Three hand scrubs and a peroxide rinse later….   (I’m pretty sure I did that immediately because it’s a habit to wash them after every walk.  But. . . .just to be sure).  Carry on.

As this scene played out, a lady walker strolled toward us, an approaching witness. Yes, she watched me wrestle with my dog, cussing the whole time, but far enough away that she probably couldn’t tell exactly what was happening.  I explained (while still tugging) what was going on.  Her nonchalant, presumably helpful response was, “Too bad you don’t have a treat in your pocket”.

Yeah.  Thanks for the tip.

Moral of the story:  Don’t fiddle with your phone while walking your dog.

The End.