“The future, is comin’ on…”

Pandora Plus® fed me the Gorillaz song “Clint Eastwood” this morning for breakfast. This post title is the hook line from that song, and a perfect segue for today. Yesterday I disclosed my plan to my employer to take a leave of absence. Today we will discuss it over coffee at Caribou.

It’s becoming a reality.

Denise DT is dead-right about pursuing goals that scare/inspire us in equal measure.

Despite that fact that I have NO idea how we will cover our bills for awhile, in my heart, I know that I’m doing the right thing. My parents and our little nuclear family deserve my undivided attention. Attention doesn’t pay cash, but perhaps it does generate dividends. That will have to be okay for now. In the meantime, my fear about it will store nicely in a SpaceBag. If it’s still there when I come back to open it, I’ll deal with it then.Ziploc SpaceBag

Rolling up my sleeves, and away we go!


Cheers to re-directing your life! kb.xo