Learn to “receive gracefully”

That’s Step 5.  Learn to receive gracefully.

This final tidbit comes from the “Lucky Bitch Manifesting Formula”.

I spent 2 hours this evening watching all 5 parts of this free training course:             Denise DT’s Manifesting Formula.  Printed the Worksheet, took notes, did the work, made an action plan.  Intuitively,  it feels right, familiar even.  I have personally experienced how things come together when you are open about your goal. It is magical. An example comes to mind:  Several years ago, a friend and his wife agreed to take in for one year (at minimum)  4 of his own grandchildren while his daughter sought treatment to overcome an addiction.  The children lived in Texas, these friends were in Minnesota.  The kids were ‘relative strangers’ in a very literal way.   As my friends made preparations to welcome the kids and to have sufficient sleeping areas for them, it occurred to me that I could contribute by sewing some quilts.  While I had made some quilts many years prior, I was out of practice and knew I needed help.  So I started talking to family and friends about what I planned to do, and next thing I knew, help began to trickle in.  Co-workers donated funds to purchase materials.  My daughter and her friends jumped on the quilt-wagon too.  One offered a box of fabric remnants and a couple of others (who were art students at the time) used their artistic training to design 2 quilt themes using the fabrics we had gathered.  Another girl made the calculations and we had a happy afternoon cutting squares and laying them out to build the design.  Then we got busy sewing.  After the initial weekend, it was just me working on the quilts every night after work and on the weekends.  They had to be done before the kids arrived – one month was the deadline.  My Mom decided to chip in her crocheting talents and make 4 afghans – one for each child to keep as their own.  Somehow, everything was complete, washed and delivered on time for Day One.

Warm colors: Complete!
Cool colors: WIP…
Basted and ready for borders to be sewn

Ta-da!  Proof that manifesting works.  Decide what you want to accomplish and then,  GO, make it happen!  I highly recommend that you watch Denise’s video series.

See what you can make happen for yourself!      kb.xo