Whose life IS this anyway?!?

pexels-photo-490411.jpegIt cannot be mine, it’s ill-fitting.  What I need is a life tailor.

Step 1:  What do I WANT and Why?

Step 2:  How do I get there?

Step 3:  Research and resources

Efforts to-date:

  • Entrepreneur magazine
    • Jobs for Introverts and/or Stay-at-home Moms
  • Asked a neighbor, a children’s book editor, for advice & tips
    • She provided a treasure-trove of reference books, content editing checklists, style guides, education & publication ideas to consider 
  • American Copy Editing Society: Quizzes on grammar, punctuation, syntax
  • MediaBistro:  proofreading course
  • Laptop
  • Search out local small businesses who need a little extra help now & then
  • Virtual Assistant?  Personal assistant?  Order fulfillment?
  • Consider Etsy store or Seniors Craft store to market my handiwork
  • Podcasts and webinars
  • Normandale CE course catalog
  • Consider learning to shoot/edit/photoshop videos
  • Consulted with millennial freelancer about my plans
    • She encouraged me to chronicle my steps to transformation on this blog

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  –Lao Tzu