What I am, what I will be

I want to leave the world of numbers and enter the world of language.

Sounds simple enough. Pack up my belongings in an “I’m outta here” box and leave the premises.

Then comes the next day….



So, a bit about me:

I’m a 57 year old married woman living in the suburbs of Minneapolis. All of my previous work has involved cash or cash equivalents. From cashiering at a theater to DQ to Sears Auto Center in the late 1970s, on to bank teller => bookkeeping => Wall Street brokerage house for a decade straddling the 80s-90s. Next up: collections, A/P, A/R….you get the picture. My career to date has gone from learning elementary accounting in high school using columnar paper & pencils and progressing through NCR registers, Bunker Ramo screens, PCs to Macs, Microsoft Works (that’s SO 1990s)… Excel, QuickBooks and eventually the lot of it being replaced by all things Google. I think that about covers it. Much has changed. Wouldn’t you agree?

The jobs I’ve had were good work. I’ve been more fortunate than most to have good employers and decent conditions. I have felt respected and needed at each and every place. Along the way, I’ve learned to be an administrative assistant, overcome “call-reluctance”, learned how to deal with the typical stereotypes that populate every office environment the world over, oh – a little bit of IT. You know: networks and routers and IP addresses, that sort of gobbledygook. Mostly what I’ve learned is that work is just about figuring stuff out. That’s it. Someone hand me a nutshell to contain this gem. Add that baby to the Marvel Comics Infinity stone collection.

But you know what? I’m bored. I need something else to do. I can figure this out.

So…what are all the cool kids doing nowadays? They have laptops and lattes. They tote them around and work wherever they want to work. They use insomnia as an asset. Some of them even travel while doing it! Digital nomads. Remote workers.

THAT’S WHAT I WANT TO DO!!! Where do I sign up?

Got my laptop, a cup of Folgers with vanilla CoffeeMate and a blog on WordPress! I know how to work; I just need to learn how to work differently. Again. That’s the takeaway from 40 years of labor.

“Back in my day”… you had to enroll in a school to learn things. Show up, on time, (ugh) with your notebook and sharp pencils and pay attention. I’m NEVER doing THAT again. Now you can learn how to do ANYthing online. (As long as you have good wi-fi)

So Hunny, remember that deal we made 31 years ago when we got married? i.e. I’ll support you while you get an education and someday you’ll support me??

Well, “someday” turns out to be TO-DAY.

PS- Thanks for the new MacBook Air and sofa desk. I love it! KB.xo